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Innovarco Blog - Does SSL/TLS Make an Impact on SEO?
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    Does SSL/TLS Make an Impact on SEO?

    The short answer is: yes it does.

    Google made changes to its algorithm as far back as 2014 to prioritize websites that used an SSL certificate, and they’ve continued to place emphasis on SSL certificates ever since. They’ve officially stated that sites with SSL statistics will outrank those without if all other factors are equal, and while secure sites make up only 1% of results, 40% of searches return at least one SSL-secured site on the first page.

    In practical terms, SSL makes a small difference when it comes to SEO and simply installing an SSL certificate to your site will make much less of a difference than creating regular fresh content and building a strong inbound link profile. That doesn’t mean that you should forget all about them, though.

    It’s also important to remember that search engines use a whole variety of different metrics to determine where websites rank. One of those metrics is how often people bounce back from your site to the results page, and having an SSL certificate could make the difference between someone buying from you or clicking away. Lots of other metrics that are used to rank sites can be affected when you choose whether or not to use an SSL certificate.

    Setting up an SSL certificate will have an effect on your website’s search engine performance, but that’s not why you should use one. Instead, set up an SSL certificate to engender trust amongst your visitors and take the SEO boost as a bonus.

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