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Innovarco Blog - How Does SEO Work?
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    How Does SEO Work?

    SEO optimizes your website so that people can easily find it using certain keywords.

    This optimization will bring benefits by:

    • Giving people relevant information
    • Making search engines reliable
    • Driving more and better organic traffic

    Although the search results come up instantly, the process within a search engine is a complex one. In fact, it starts even before you type anything on the search bar and hit enter.

    To get a clear perspective, let’s talk more about how the search engine works.

    Search engines do three main tasks for every search you request:

    • Crawling. 
This process happens in the earlier stages. It is about collecting information from websites around the world – from page to page, from link to link.
    • Indexing
. After collecting the information, web crawlers will store the information in an entry list: an index.
    • Ranking
. The results will be shown in order, based on the best matching ones.

    To ensure the quality of the results, search engines use a set of rules called an algorithm.

    Search engine algorithms will make sure people get the most relevant information from the most reliable resources.

    Google, the most popular search engine, even has a dedicated team to work on their algorithm. The team is responsible for improving the quality of the users’ experience when using Google.

    Sometimes, Google gives a special name for their algorithm. For example, Panda is the algorithm related to screen, penalize, and reward content, while Penguin is the one for preventing spamdexing. Google then created Hummingbird to improve both.

    It is clear that great website content is what Google really cares about.

    Now, have you ever heard about the authority of page?

    Page authority is a scoring system developed by Moz, ranging from 1 to 100, to predict your rank on search engines. It helps you understand what search engines use to qualify the best search results.

    With this link explorer, you can check your page authority. Just enter the URL you want to check, and you’ll get the analysis for the link. The information you get from this analysis is a great tool to make some improvements.



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