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Innovarco Blog - How to Use SEO Most Efficiently ?
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    How to Use SEO Most Efficiently ?

    Now, you know how SEO works, so let’s learn how to use it.

    Again, optimizing SEO is a never-ending process. Search engines always update their algorithm to provide the best results.

    You should always use the latest method that really works. Otherwise, it may negatively affect your website’s rank on search engine results page.

    There are two categories of SEO: onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

    OnSite SEO

    As the name suggests, onsite SEO is the way to optimize your website from within.

    The optimization deals with the adjustment of the elements on your website. That way, the search engine will crawl information easily. For example:

    • Well formatted URL
    • No keyword stuffing
    • Alt Text for your images
    • Proper headings (H1,H2, etc)

    Now, what are the factors that you should consider when optimizing onsite SEO?

    Keyword Gathering (Keyword Research)

    You should choose the right keywords to get great organic traffic from any content you’ve posted.

    What are keywords anyway? Simply put, keywords are specific topics or ideas that internet users type on search engines.

    That being said, keyword research is important. This enables you to understand what keywords people might use to find you. You should ensure that your titles, headings, and body texts contain the targeted keywords.

    Technical Overview

    Don’t make the web crawlers do the hard work for you! To do so, these are what you should do:

    • Manage a sitemap
    • Never leave broken links on your website
    • Prevent wrong redirects
    • Fix any URL errors


    There are things to do on your website. You should ensure that your website has:

    • A good structure
    • Easy navigation
    • Relevant content

    These things are very crucial. A good structure can inform the search engines which pages of your website are the most important. Easy navigation will make visitors stay longer. Relevant content will attract more quality traffic.

    User Experience

    Once the visitors come to your website, you should serve them best.

    If people come for your products, offer your best products that are relevant to them.

    You can use categories to make them easily find what they are looking for.

    Adding to that, you should give detailed information on every product including some relevant pictures.

    If you’re a blogger, content categories will help your visitors navigate better.

    Also, pay attention to your layout. Visually pleasing websites could entice new visitors and make them stay longer.

    On top of that, your website should be fast.

    Regardless of the content, make sure that users won’t find your website hard to explore.

    Offsite SEO

    Offsite SEO may be less technical than Onsite SEO. However, it is just as important.

    You can take this as a way to promote your website. That way people will know that your website is worth visiting.

    Some of the ways to do offsite SEO are:

    Content Marketing

    Content matters. That is why content marketing is becoming more popular each day.

    Also, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to push a higher rank on search results. If you have great content marketing strategies, you can:

    • Bring in new visitors
    • Influence more people to buy your products
    • Improve the reputation of your business
    • Save money, as it is cost-effective.


    If you already have a great number of subscribers/followers, then you need to focus on creating more killer content. But, if that is not the case, you need promotions.

    Promotions will help you reach more people. Also, you can stay ahead of your competitors with good promotions. The more creative and engaging your promotions are, the better people will remember your brand. For a rather competitive niche, this strategic move could make a difference.

    Public Relations

    Public relation helps your business to have more exposure.

    While it may require you to invest a small amount of money, you need Public Relations for:

    • Building brand awareness
    • Delivering curated official information
    • Setting authority
    • Improving community relationship
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