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Innovarco Blog - Get the Best out of Innovarco Email Marketing
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    Getting the Best Out of Innovarco Email Marketing

    Nurturing your leads is the next step and one of the best email marketing practices. Here, you can begin the email marketing campaign. But before you start, you should know what your goals are.

    Having a tangible goal is important in any situation, even more so in a marketing campaign.

    You need a different set of goals for each of customer’s journey. Some of the common goals and best email marketing practices are:

    • Welcoming new subscribers — here you can create a basic campaign, that tells them about your business, values, and culture
    • Engagement booster — start building up trust by sending insightful content or promoting webinars, anything that can improve your relationship with the customers
    • Nurturing existing subscribers — you can give more personalized content tailored to the customer’s needs
    • Subscribers re-engagement — you can build a campaign, targeted to customers who haven’t been so active recently

    One of the most important and best email marketing practices is keeping track of how your campaigns are doing. In return, this will help you understand your audience and improve your campaigns.

    Most of the time, the email marketing service will do the hard work for you, by presenting the available metrics in your analytics dashboard.

    If your email marketing service doesn’t show any stats yet, you can also use Google Analytics or your social media profiles, like Facebook Insights, to help you understand the audience better.

    Here you can find out specific data about your audience such as geographical location, age, and a bunch of other information. You can also use this info to growth-hack your campaign in the future.

    You need to segment your audience to send better-targeted emails in the future. As an example, you can do the following:

    • Geographical locations — you can segment the audience based on their location, to offer targeted services or products that are only available for a particular reason.
    • Age — given that people of all ages use the internet these days, you need to segment them accordingly. This lets you can set a proper tone when you send messages or offer products.
    • Persona — when you offer a service or product, you will see a pattern of the buyer persona. In brief, it’s a way to understand different needs and value propositions of the customers. Using this segment you can figure out what value your products or services give to the buyers.

    The most crucial part of all is to craft a great email design, copy, and subject line.

    One of the best email marketing practices is a strong subject line, which plays an important role in getting people’s attention and encouraging them to open the email.

    After that, you need an engaging copy, that includes a hook to make keep people reading, and a Call to Action (CTA) so that they know what to do next.

    You also need to design a compelling email body. If you’re not a good designer, you can do so by hiring a professional. And for the sake of accessibility, you have to make sure that you don’t include any important messages in an image because people with disabilities might have a hard time getting the information.

    Lastly, given the number of mobile device usage – 49,7% and counting – you also need to create emails that are responsive and mobile-friendly. And don’t worry, your email marketing services can also help you to do just that.

    You need to remember though, that not getting amazing results with your first try is normal — it takes time and a lot of experimenting before you nail down the perfect strategy. And this requires you to do A/B testing for every aspect of your email marketing campaign.

    Things to Remember

    Transparency is one of the best email marketing practices as it fosters brand loyalty. That’s why for starters you should be transparent on how many emails you’ll send to your customers. Besides, you can also segment the customers according to their behavior when engaging with drip campaigns.

    Always avoid being spammy, only send useful and interesting content to customers. Ever checked your own inbox and hated those spam messages? Customers will feel the same if you spam them.

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