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Innovarco Blog - What is Email Marketing?
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    What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is a highly efficient strategy, for sending transactional and relational messages to groups of audiences. It helps you to send advertisements, calls to action, or blog newsletters.

    The long term purpose of email marketing is to increase customer-brand trust and build loyalty.

    And at the same time, this strategy is also great for acquiring new customers or connecting new prospects with the brand.

    As a result, the best email marketing practices will not only encourage the recipients to take action, but it will also help you to get more leads and sales.

    Email marketing is a proven strategy that works. For example, Marketing Charts reported that 82% of marketers widely embrace this as their primary strategy for increasing leads and conversion rates.

    What’s more, a report from the Direct Marketing Association stated that email marketing offers one of the highest returns of investment (ROI) compared to other strategies. These studies indicate that email marketing is well worth the effort.

    So why is email marketing so effective?

    As briefly noted earlier, it can connect brands with their customers, engage in a more intimate relationship, and build trust over time.

    In a very competitive industry, standing out has become something difficult to do, but email marketing increases the chances of being noticed.

    For example, you can send content to a customer’s inbox in a highly personalized manner. You can segment customers/audiences into a set of criteria and send content tailored to their journeys or buyer personas.

    This trait helps you have closer communication with your audience, which is an essential aspect of building relationships and trust.

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